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Meeting the Locals : Thong Krut Coconut Farm

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March 12th, 2014

Coconuts don’t get any fresher than here in Thong Krut.

Coconut palms, their splendid looks and the diverse range of products and uses that come from the fruit and the tree are and have been, for many years, the commercial sustenance of Koh Samui Island.

Before tourism the coconut or maphrao, as it is called in Thai and known botanically as Cocos Nucifera, was Samui’s number one industry and the main source of income. The coconut palm has many uses besides the coconut water and meat; the leaf is used for roofing and also for mats and basket ware. The hard wood is used for building and construction, the husk is used for charcoal and rope fibre. The shells are used to make bowls lampshades and craft objects, nothing goes to waste…

Working closely with the local community in Thong Krut Absolute World want to offer guests and members of The Beach Samui the opportunity to meet the locals and get to know them, see how they live and hear their tales of bygone years and become inspired by experiences that are original and surpass the ordinary.

Here at Thong Krut Coconut Farm, we invite you to experience how coconut palms are grown from seedling, how and why pig-tailed macaque monkeys are sent to college to learn to harvest coconuts and how the coconuts are processed for various uses and end up going to Bangkok and worldwide destinations, local markets, coconut oil producers, restaurants and resorts.

Besides learning about the numerous attributes of the humble coconut palm this opportunity is a chance to meet the locals, and experience Thailand, its people and their culture, and taste the simplistic and traditional way of life that exists, not so far off the tourist track.

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