A mixture of warm weather, crisp cold beverages and beautiful sailing waters can put any sailor in a pretty good mood.

Especially when they’re in Thailand for the annual Koh Samui Regatta.

Now in it’s fourteenth year, this lively event on the tropical Thai island is in full swing.

It may seem like a relaxed atmosphere but the on-water competition that kicked off this week has been intense.

Koh Samui 2015. © Hana Hielkema | LiveSailDie.com Media

A mixture of amateur and professional, local and international sailors make up the 16 crews across three separate race fleets and the results thus far have kept most on their toes.

Re director Simon James says many of the competitors would regard Samui as a favourite sailing venue.

“No other regatta is held right on the beach with prizegiving’s held every day standing in the sand. Everyone loves Samui,” he says.

Simon has been involved with the event since it started in 2002 and he says it’s steadily grown.

“The competition is great – you can have races which are five hours long and in the end they’re finishing seconds apart,” he says.

Koh Samui 2015. © Hana Hielkema | LiveSailDie.com Media

A mixture of passage races and courses put crew skills to the test over the five days of sailing.

Simon says up until 15 years ago there were only four main sailing events held in Asia including the China Sea Race.

These other “boutique” events started to crop up around Asia and signalled the growth of sailing in the region.

Although fleet numbers may be down this year in comparison to more recent years, Simon says the quality is high.

Koh Samui 2015. © Hana Hielkema | LiveSailDie.com Media

Boats range from Hong Kong based Frank Pong’s 75-foot Jelik to two TP52’s, a range of competitive boats within the 40ft realm, a locally owned Elliott 7 and a variety of yacht designs in between.

Samui Regatta concludes the series of five-star racing events held throughout Asia known as the AsianYachting Grand Prix.

The winners of the 2014/15 season are awarded at the final night gala dinner this Saturday.

With one day of the competition to go it’s all on for tomorrows’ racing.

Results can be found on samuiregatta.com.